CSV import does not contain staked coins


have coins in a wallet and also use staking there.

Did a CSV import into CoinTracker and this only contains coins that are currently not staked.
Meaning, the staked coins are not visible.

Is this expected behavior ?

It looks like the CSV export does not contain this data, although I may be wrong and worth sanity checking.


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Hi @coinbear,

Did the CSV from include the staked transactions (which failed to import to CoinTracker) or are the staked transactions missing from the CSV?

When I see right (I might see it wrong :)) then the CSV does not contain the staked coins.

Best to sanity check on your end.


Got it. Based on what you are saying seems like is omitting the staked coins from the export so we won’t capture them (and you’ll need to add them yourself manually or via a separate CSV upload).

If you’d like us to double check, send us the CSV to feedback [at] along with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account.

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Same issue here. I just sent an export file to the support address.

Thanks for having a look!

The way I fixed this is I went and found where I staked CRO for my CDC card (for example), and marked it as a “Transfer” instead of an outbound transaction. Transfers, in all portfolio software that I’ve tried, at least, will mark transfers as still being within your custody and show up in your holdings.

I have recently started staking some coins through our Swyftx exchange. We already had the API to swyftx to trading transactions working with CoinTracker but it is not picking up any of the staking transactions from Swyftx. How do I fix this? If I download the csv file from Swyftx it does show all of the transactions, staking and trading.

There is no mention of whatsapp being a support number to contact. Where did you get this from?