failed to parse

Howdy. I read as many threads as I could before I did CDC.
Didnt realise though that you DONT need to adjust CDC native export CSV to look like the template CSV import for CT! :slight_smile:

When I realised you just export it from CDC and import I have to say I was impressed!!

Then it said TGBP not recognised :frowning:
So I went and added TGBP as custom currency :+1:

Then deleted the imported wallet…but then saw lots of Tx in “other Tx”?
I cant remove these, BUT i figured dupe Tx will be ignored/overwritten

Went to import again, same CSV, same way and I just keep getting parse errors.
Sometimes It wont even accept me drag and dropping the file into the loader.

Any ideas guys ?

I will go ahead and send the file over, in case you need it.


any update on this.

Thanks for sending the CSV — we’ll take a look and circle back with you (we typically aim to try and get back to you within 2 business days)

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