I wanted to ask if Cointracker will be supporting in the near future? It looks to me as if the site is currently not supported at all by Cointracker.



Update: CoinTracker now supports

Hello @Chandan I have tried to upload app csv file with movements and nothing has imported to my account. Are there any excel or similar templates to import unsupported wallets/exchanges movements?

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Hi @jfsecchi,

We had a temporary outage last night that should be fixed. Do you mind trying again? If you are still running into any issues could you please send the CSV to feedback [at]

I get this error when attempting to import transactions:

Failed to parse CSV. Try our interactive CSV uploader.

The interactive parser doesn’t seem to correctly either and requires a confirm mapping or ignore option when the mappings are just not correct. For example “Currency” and “Amount” get mapped to “Fee Currency” and “Fee Amount”. These fields are either “sent” fields or “received” fields depending on the transaction type.


Hi @cacortes,

We are working on an update here and we’ll circle back as soon as it is deployed.

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Hi @cacortes, @jfsecchi, @fortheglory,

The new API integration is live. Note: deposits and withdrawals are not supported in’s API so those still need to be added supplemented via CSV.


Your update was a huge improvement! It now parses and imports the activity. Thanks.

However, when coins are deposited in the ‘Earn’ portion of (they are like savings and CD accounts that earn interest), it is recorded as a sale rather than a transfer. A capital gain/loss is triggered. I go in and explicitly mark them as transfers (and in some cases forget!). So for now I have a work around. But it would be great if you could adjust the import module accordingly.

I think you could safely ignore such deposits since they are all in the managed wallet. Then when deposit terms finish you can ignore that too. Either that or record them all as transfers with or without new wallets. Thanks!

Thanks for flagging @cacortes.

Could you send us a note at feedback [at] with permission to take a look at the transactions in question so we can work on this?

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I also very much need this update to happen as I use earn very heavily. Thank you!

Update: After some research online I have heard that handles Earn events correctly and I will be checking them out until CoinTracker can implement a fix.

Hi @nehctuk, @cacortes

Thanks for letting us know. Are you open to sharing the CSV file you got with feedback [at] so we can work on updating our integration?

Chandan, Thanks for implementing this! Works great.

Plus you implemented an “Interest” tag. This is great because it allows us to ignore such transactions when going through “received” tags. Would be great if we can apply this designation manually on previous transactions and a more powerful filtering syntax so we can completely filter these out (essentially a [not] filter on any given tag along with a clear [and] vs [or] on multiple tags).

Is “interest” the same tax significance as “Airdrops”? I guess that might depend on per-state and future tax regulations.

Hi @cacortes,

Thanks for the feedback. To clarify, what specific set of transactions are you trying to filter to?

As you mentioned the interest income is categorized separately on the tax page and the exact way you file that may be the same or different as airdrops depending on your specific tax situation.

So right now we receive all sorts of little airdrop-like deposits. But we’d like to categorize them so that they don’t get confused with unresolved received side transactions. One way to filter is what I’ve requested elsewhere, to filter out small amounts. But in theory these should be marked appropriately and then come tax time we can look at all unmarked received transactions (in addition to unmarked sent transactions) to make sure all transactions that should be matched are. I’ll admit that I’ve given up trying to mark all the negligible EOS .0001 drop-lets. So maybe the small amount filtering would be more useful. But in general, I’d love to have power-user filtering capabilities so I could pinpoint what I’m looking for. I hope that’s clear.

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Hi @cacortes,

Makes sense. Would it resolve the issue you are facing if all small EOS receives in EOS wallets you designate are automatically tagged in a particular way (e.g. payment)?

Hi @fortheglory, @jfsecchi, @cacortes, @nehctuk,

The new Wallet CSV uploader automatically captures Earn transactions, interest, deposits, transfers, etc. If you see any issues, please let us know.

Absolutely. That would be great. More automated treatment is better as long as we don’t lose control. I’m not even sure what the proper designation would be. I’ve always assumed those were effectively airdrops but I guess they are technically payments for helping to secure the network through staking?

The new up-loader successfully loaded my latest transactions. Thanks!

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I have tried to sync my exchange account. The balances load OK but 0 transactions though it sat there saying “Data import in progress” for 30 minutes. Does anyone know how to get the .csv file from Exchange (not mobile app)?

Hi @Gravy,

Is this still the case after you refresh the page? If so, could you please message us at feedback [at] with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account?

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

Crypto dot com exchange API is not read only and cannot be changed so it’s just not secure and I don’t feel great about sharing access (we just met).

I can tell you this though. Other exchanges either synced or exported a .csv files that easily uploaded into CoinTracker. I like the app just want to get this data in.

Crypto dot com does not supports syncing with any crypto accounting software, even the ones it recommends (just try it) and does not make data files available from the exchange app (not the mobile app that’s fine) for personal accounting purposes

Am I missing something? I hope so but so far I have tried every angle.

It’s tax time in Australia and is holding me back right now (OCD).

Does someone there have a Exchange account to see if I am just dumb or even right?

Can you get a .csv file out of that exchange? (not the mobile app).