Crypto.Com Wallet Import Broke

I’ve imported CSVs many many times over the past few years but on my latest import something has now broken when I dragged over the latest CSV export from them. I checked and the CSV headers are still the same as all prior imports I have done, but now Cointracker is reporting a new error asking for completely different headers here than ever before. I also think it might be confusing their defi wallet notice on the right hand side of my screenshot from the non-defi transactions. This seems new to me though I’m not sure. To be clear, I am not using the defi wallet, this is just exported from their app.

I’m pretty sure the issue here is that now there appear to be 3 different related wallets supported and that was maybe not the case when I originally created my wallet. For whatever reason, Cointracker thinks my App wallet is the Defi wallet and so it is expecting different headers now. This is kind of troubling as I’m not sure whether I now need to delete it and try finding/re-importing all of my transactions for a few years here now. That will likely cause other issues.

Just a (hopefully) final followup here for anyone else that runs into this.

I did have to go ahead and risk deleting my previous imported app wallet (that had now become mis-flagged as a defi wallet) and then create a new wallet as the “Crypto.Com App Wallet” type. Then I fresh imported one huge csv from the app that had all my transactions and this seems to have worked.

Note: If you ever staked on the app, it appears it doesn’t quite account for staking/unstaking correctly and so you need to find your initial stake transaction and mark it ignored, and then find your unstake (when you do) and mark that ignore as well, or else your balances/cost basis are wrong.