wallet import

I imported my App Wallet as suggested via CSV and am getting this:

Obviously, this can’t be accurate. What did I miss out here?


Hey Lukas, I had a similar issue. Maybe I can help.

First grab the sample CSV file from Cointracker here.

Next you’ll want to convert your CSV downloaded from to this format. It might be tedious but it’s gotta be done. Date format has to match as well.

While doing so make sure to exclude any transaction that is “an overall swap”.
Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 12.46.59 PM

I had to figure that out on my own, but the overall swaps are unnecessary transactions that give the sum of the other transactions so it will certainly throw off your balance when you import it.

Just delete your existing import wallet and try again with your new CSV.

After enough trouble shooting and hair pulling this seemed to work for me.

I hope that helps.



@lu what @cryptic said it exactly right. We are working on fixing this but in the meantime, the steps above will resolve the issue.

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I don’t really understand how to convert csv to cointracker csv. I am not able to match the colums. Also, I see lots of negative numbers and cointracker import format sais “no negative numbers”

Can someone assist me please?

You have to do it manually.

The date format has to be exactly as it is in the cointracker csv sample.

Don’t use negative numbers. If crypto is leaving your wallet put in the crypto sent columns. If you received crypto put the amounts in the crypto received columns.

It should look something like this

Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 11.32.13 PM


Tried, but CT seem to not accept my file. Unfortunately, the error message is not really helpful. Any thoughts?



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I feel like that happened me too. Quite a few times before I got it right, keep messing with it. This was a few months ago so I’m not entirely certain but I think what I did to make it accept the csv was deleting the Transaction description or “Tag” column. I think that’ s what got it to accept the form. I then went to each transaction in Cointracker and manually added the description.

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What I tried:

  • remove Tags from tag-column
  • remove entire tag-column
  • quote all strings in csv

Every time it complains with the “no transaction rows” message.

In your CSV, if you remove the tag column it should work. If you are still facing issues, please send us the CSV.

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Didn’t work unfortunately. I sent you an Email!

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I am not able to, file my taxes without this. Can you please help me?

Thanks for contacting us — we will get back to you there

I’ve been getting this same error. Did you ever get this resolved? Any tips? I deleted the TAG column with no luck

No solution, never got something helpful from support.

@cryptic when you import from do you have an issue where the transactions are marked as “Receive” instead of “Buy” I have the same coin, one imported from a csv and the other coinbase api, and the one on coinbase correctly labels it as buy and has the purchase price.

Any updates to importing the CSV file directly from … converting to your CT format is a monstrous task for me and for many of us. We need better support for this exchange

Most definitely looks like a tag issue. I had that pop up, so I cleared out the tags that didn’t match CT’s format for generic CSV files, and the problem went away.

I created another export some days ago and could import it without any issues, however the wallet balance is at about minus a couple of thousands dollars, which does not make any sense to me… :confused:

Ok, either I am stupid or this is totally useless. Double checked some TXs after importing. Found some missing ones. E.g. I have some recurring BTC purchases which definitely do exist in the CSV but just getting ignored while importing.

Since there is no support anymore from cointracker and also no development going on, it seems like this is a dead end.