Wallet: TGBP

I managed to import all the transaction history for the wallet.
Just a minor improvement to do for CoinTracker: add TGBP

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I have another question related to the import of the wallet.
I have imported the transaction history for the Crypto Wallet.

But I should also import the history of the Fiat Wallet and MCO Visa Card?
If yes, should I combine all the transaction into a single file?
Because at the moment with the Crypto Wallet it does not have the cost basis for some transactions.


Thanks for the request. We’ll automatically pick this up as it comes through our data aggregation partners. In the meantime, you can add a custom currency for TGBP

Yes, you should combine and add them. Also could you share the file formats with feedback [at] so that we can look at them and improve the integration flow for them?

I sent you all the files so that you can have a look.
I have tested all the services so all type of transactions are in the transaction history.

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