CSV import fee included in trade received quantity

It seems that when the fee coin matches the received coin that the fee is being removed from that side of the trade. However that doesn’t happen to receives. The CSV documentation indicates that the received quantity does not include fees so shouldn’t the reduction to the received coin also be applied to receives?

Hi Rohan,

Our CSV format requires that sent amounts be gross of fees and received amounts net of fees. Does that make sense?

Here’s a mocked up CSV:

Date,Received Quantity,Received Currency,Sent Quantity,Sent Currency,Fee Amount,Fee Currency
"02/09/2021 20:52:27",2,"ETH",0.11,"BTC",0.01,"BTC"
"02/09/2021 20:52:41",0.2,"BTC",1.1,"ETH",0.01,"BTC"

The 0.01 BTC fee is included in the sent BTC and ETH as you’ve specified. I’d expect the balances to be 0.08 BTC and between 0.9 and 2 ETH based on the conversion rate from BTC to ETC to cover the fee in the 0.11 ETH that was sent. Instead it’s this:
BTC balance is correct. ETH balance is exactly 0.9 which means that the entire sent amount was removed without taking the fee into consideration.