CSV import-margin

Because Binance margin wallets are not supported yet, I decided to import my transictions manually via CSV just to see it on dashboard. It seems CSV import doesn’t support possibility to mark transaction as margin. In case you importing many transactions it is crazy to mark them as margin one by one. Have you got any other trick available?

Hi @smejk21,

Those are the only tricks we have for now, but we will work on supporting Binance margin and adding margin tags to CSV both and let you know as soon as they are available.

Hi @Chandan, similar problem to smejk21 above. Just to clarify/check if there has been any update:

Can you confirm this is a good/the best way to handle Binance Margin wallet transactions?

  1. export the Margin transactions from Binance
  2. manually create a csv file based on the CoinTracker template
  3. upload the csv under a new wallet, such as “Binance Margin”
  4. manually mark each new transaction in this new wallet as Margin

Just to clarify: marking as margin is a crucial step for tax implications, correct?

Thank you!

Yes, correct. We’re also tracking a project to automate this for you

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Could we select multiple lines at once to flag them all as Margin in one shot?

You should be able to if they are the same type of transaction using the checkboxes on the transactions page and the bulk selector at the bottom of the page.

I can select multiple transactions but I only have “Ignore” and “Delete” as an action in the bulk selector.

@Chandan The manual marking margin transactions does not seem to be working. It is not subtracting any fees or calculating the gains or losses. It is actually adding or subtracting the amounts listed on the trade itself. Is there any fix I can make myself?