Csv import - no receive/send wallet fields or notes

Hi, it would be good if you had all the fields you have for manually adding transactions for csv imports.

I’ve written a script in Mathematica for converting my MtGox csv into your format, but I’ve had to go through manually adding the other side to all the withdrawals and deposits as there is no field to note the other side wallet in the csv import.

Which specific fields are missing that you’d like to see added?

For CSVs, you’ll only need to add one per exchange/wallet. So for MtGox CSV, you can just add your MtGox withdrawals/deposits. Those will automatically get paired up with our transfer detection system with the corresponding deposit/withdrawal on the other exchange/wallet where you sent this to (either via our wallet/exchange syncing or from another CSV you upload for that wallet/exchange).

I guess it would be good to have a field to manually specify the corresponding deposit/withdrawal, as in my case, most of them are “Other Transactions” (Uncategorised) [a lot were to/from BTCe, for which I (also) have no records!], but with the current system, given there are no automatic matches with the transfer detection system, they are registered as Sends rather than Transfers.

Maybe it could be manual, with an option to put “Automatic” (or leave blank) to allow the transfer detection system pick things up if they are available.

Good feedback. We are working on some bulk editing options that could make this simpler. We’ll let you know once we have an update here.

Hey @Hamish,

We have added bulk editing to CoinTracker’s transactions page. Simply select multiple transactions and the common actions available across those transactions will be allowed from the bottom center dialog:


You can also select all the transactions on the current page view by pressing the check box in the center bottom dialog.

Note: currently this only applies up to the 15 transactions on the current page. We will work on applying this to all pages for the current filtered view of transactions across all pages and send you another update once this is available.

We will also work on additional updates that help with automatic transfer detection and Mt. Gox CSV detection (could you share the file format with feedback@cointracker.io?).

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Thanks, have emailed the Gox csv file to feedback@cointracker.io

Thanks @Hamish - we will take a look shortly

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