CSV Import to Existing Wallet

New here, sorry if this is newbie question, but I searched the forum about this and couldn’t find an answer.

I have set up an unsupported exchange wallet in CoinTracker. Over time, I have manually entered transactions in this wallet. So far so good. Now I want to upload many (>100) past transactions from this exchange into the wallet. I’m very comfortable with handling the data and csv file to match the required format. My problem is, how to upload to an Existing wallet? All the instructions seem to only address creating a New wallet to receiving the upload. What am I missing?

Many thanks to anyone who can help guide me on this!

Never mind. About 10 mins after posting this, I found the answer.

Now I just need to figure out why it takes so long. I did a test with a properly formatted csv of just 5 transactions, and 3 hours later, I’m still waiting with 0% progress toward completion. Manual entry will be a lot faster than that… even 100 of them. Oh well.

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Hi @svguy,

Glad you got this figured out (for other users in the future, you can upload a CSV to any wallet from the wallets page using the dropdown next to that wallet).

In terms of timing, it should be relatively quick. If you refresh the page, the transactions should be there. If you are still seeing issues, please let us know.

Hi Chandan,

Thanks for your note.

I waited overnight but unfortunately the import never completed. I’ve got a manual workaround for it, but I would like to clear the (yellow) progress bar. It’s stuck on “Importing transactions (0%)…”. Any ideas for that?


Hi @svguy,

Are you sure that the transactions didn’t actually upload (you can ignore the banner — it is extraneous). We’ll work on hiding that banner once the upload is complete.


I am quite sure that the transactions did not upload. Since attempting it last night, I have refreshed the page dozens of times, logged out and back into CT several times and navigated all over the site. Still, the yellow banner persists.

The csv is a small set of 5 transactions I chose as a trial, before uploading the entire file of 100+. Of these 5…

  • 4 are simple transfer transactions, each including a fixed crypto fee. I have since entered these transactions manually, but there are no duplicate transactions in the wallet from an import, as would be expected.

  • the last transaction is a fixed crypto storage fee and I suspect it might be the problem. It’s one of many daily fees I incurred when I failed to move a crypto off of an exchange in a timely manner. As a test, before importing the csv, I added a manual trial transaction using the same format (zero crypto withdraw plus fixed crypto fee) and it posted fine. I deleted that, then attempted to import the csv. After a few hours of waiting, I attempted two or three times to add that same test transaction. Each time, the green banner appeared confirming that the transaction had been added, but none of them have appeared in the wallet. That was last night.

Again, I have a workaround that I think will serve my purpose with the numerous storage fees, but I wonder now if there might be some error in the data set that could cause a problem later on.

Sorry for the long storyline. Just wanted to provide all the clues.

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Hi @svguy,

Thanks for taking the time to write this up. Do you mind emailing us a screenshot of the persisting banner to feedback [at] cointracker.io? Could you please also enable debug permission on the settings page?

Screenshot emailed and debug permission enabled.



Was your problem solved? I’m having the same problem


If you are still seeing an issue could you please contact us?

I’m having the same issue.