CSV Import

For the exchanges that don’t work on API and only work on CSV import…

What is the best practice to import the data? Does one import overwrite the data from a previous import or does it duplicate the transactions?

For instance, I use Nexo which pays a “daily” reward. When I export the CSV it does not allow me to select a date range. If I import a CSV today, and again at the end of the month, would this be ok? Or would it duplicate data?

I could edit the CSV data if I need, but that would increase the possibility of missing a transaction.

Has there been any answer to this question? I have the same question. Plus, Cointracker is not recognizing the .csv from Nexo. It is erroring out when I try to upload it. Cointracker support…Please advise

Is there ever going to be an answer from CoinTracker support? It’s been 10 days.

Thanks for your patience. We’re tracking an issue for an API integration with Nexo here. For the CSV, each CSV will duplicate previous transactions, so please make sure to only add incrementally new transactions or remove the old upload before adding the new one.

Chandan – I still cannot get this to work. I am using Excel to modify the .csv, but it will still not read it. Where can I send the .csv file for you to look at?


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You can contact us here.