CSV not imprting

in 2017 I used coinify purchases through blockchain.com for several BTC buys.
I tried to reformat all my deposits and buys according to the cointracker CSV format, following the steps in this video How to Upload Any CSV to CoinTracker - YouTube
When I try to import my custom csv I get the following error
‘Failed to parse CSV. The CSV does not have the right headers in the first row. Headers should be Date, Received Quantity, Received Currency, Sent Quantity, Sent Currency.’

The first row in my custom CSV reads as follows:
Date,Received Quantity,Received Currency,Sent Quantity,Sent Curreny,Fee Amount,Fee Currency,Tag

The following rows are set up like
05/11/2017 19:04:38,0.41809574,BTC,1000,EUR,0.00087614,BTC,

Would be nice if anyone could help me with this.

I was thinking about signing up for the portfolio assistance plan. I have several csv’s that need help reformatting but my excell skills aren’t great. Does the portfolio assistance plan provide this support?

Kind regards

I was able to fix it. I just copied the top row of the sample csv format.
I couldn’t really see any mistake in the original but this did the trick.

I am still interested to know if the portfolio assistance plance offers help with reformatting csv to the sample format? I have several csv’s that are extremely complex to me.