Custom Liquidity Pool

Hi CoinTracker team,

Is it possible that you add a simple form for converting two type tokens to one LP token? I know you’re working on Uniswap tokens, but how about pancake swap and a whole bunch of other exchanges and yield faming DAPPs that are a popping up every day. I appreciate all your efforts, but you won’t be able to catch up that fast. I typically do all my yield faming transactions manual, but when it comes to combining two tokens and obtaining one type LP token, I have problem tracking. If you add that simple form, then:

1- we can add a custom LP Token using the custom feature that’s available
2- use the new form to combine to tokens to the custom LP token

This saves us a bunch of headache while you’re trying to automate things. Is that doable fairly quickly? Again, no automaton just a simple form.

Thank you!



Appreciate a response on this.



This post should be useful providing a manual solution, How To Label Liquidity Pool Entry/Exit As Deposit/Withdraw?.

This post is gone but the issue still exists for Pancake swap and Trader Joe for example . Anyone have good solutions