Customer data breach?

Was there a customer data breach that has not yet been publicly disclosed?

There are a number of people on Reddit (myself included) reporting they are seeing crypto related spam come in to custom email addresses used only on CoinTracker.

Hoping this is limited to just email addresses, but concerned it could be wallet addresses and transaction data also!

Can someone from CoinTracker confirm?


they did get hacked but haven’t admitted yet. i used an email to my custom address and have been getting phishing emails from a bunch of random czech and ukrainian email domains to this specific email. So indeed they are hacked
twitter news

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I submitted a support ticket to try and get CoinTracker engaged in this conversation. It does sound a bit concerning, but don’t jump to conclusions just because some random, non-verified Twitter user sent a tweet out. There is so much fake news and fabricated stories these days. There’s not even a source on that screenshot. At least give CoinTracker a chance to respond before you get your panties all in a bunch. It looks like all of this just transpired in the last couple of days.

It’s already been a couple of days and they haven’t acknowledged it. If people create one-time use emails like I have solely for this application and they too have been exposed then it doesn’t take a wild imagination to know what happened. Maybe connect the dots. If CT doesn’t tell the public to be on the lookout for phishing emails then I will because I received at least four.

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It appears to be true. I use IDX to track any leaked personal info and got this:
“Your personal information (which could include emails, names, surnames and phones), was identified in a data exposure associated with The data was located on the Dark Web in December 2022.”

Bump… Following . I was notified about my username \ password

I do too and just got an email from IDX.