Customer Support Unresponsive

After paying for my 2020 tax service and getting my tax information back from CoinTracker, I had two transactions that came back that I needed clarification on. On 2/16, I opened a support case, and so far no one has responded. I also opened a post on the support forum on 2/21, and no one has responded. I opened a 2nd support case on 2/21 and no one has responded. I’ve tried to call the phone number on my receipt, (4152367591), and every time I call I get a recording with no way to leave a message. I’m seeing other people post that they’re having a similar experience with support responses as well. I know your volume is up but if you’re going to sell a product you need to have enough people to support it. I think you have a great product and I purchased the tax service to support CoinTracker but Customer Support needs significant improvements. I am out of options now and I need to get this resolved as soon as possible to complete my taxes accurately. Can someone from CoinTracker support assist me?

I am also having this problem with customer support not returning emails. It’s been over 6 months with 3 different issues and no response. This is absolutely unacceptable. How can a company sell a product with no support and retain customers. I’ll have to go somewhere else very soon if this doesn’t change.