Dashboard doesn't show all coins from eth wallet / stablecoin losses

Cointracker shows some, but not all, of the individual coins in my connected eth wallet. This of course throws off the value of my portfolio in it’s entirety as well. I’ve sync’d many times and nothing yet. When I go to the wallet in CT it has a ? next to a few the coins, and it won’t recognize the balances for some reason.

Also, it is showing I am down a whopping 20% on a stablecoin. I understand tether has high network fees, and I pay a bit of trading fees, but when I go into the transactions, the numbers don’t make much sense. Like, for example, a trade of maybe $700 got filled incrementally in several portions, but the loss in tether it is showing looks way too large for the trade. Also, wouldn’t the loss or gain be reflected in the coin that was being traded against the tether? Or is the loss just purely comprised from trading and network fees that I have incurred?