Dashboard holdings does not correctly reflect wallet balance

I purchased cordano in coinbase. Cointracker wallet properly shows the wallet balance, but the “holdings” under the dashboard shows the pre-purchase balance with a -82.62% return. The transactions and wallet balance are correct, so doing a sync does not do anything. Is there some way to get the dashboard to reflect the correct balance in the “holdings” section. The inaccuracy is worrisome because i plan to use cointracker for taxes this year.

Yeah that’s been happening to me too. 3 or 4 weeks ago I rebalanced my portfolio and nothing updated. I contacted support and they sorted it out fairly quickly.

I figured they would have fixed it by now, but 2 days ago I did a few of those coinbase free coin offers and none of them show in my dashboard.

If I traded daily and it was happening for this long I would have canceled my account by now.

I am having the same issue and contacted support a week ago. What was the solution you used? I have this for probably 6-7 different assets right now. Any tips would be very appreciated!