Dashboard View now Limited unless you pay $$$

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 12.32.41 AM
For years you could always see all of your coin holdings on the dashboard.

We’ll say goodbye to that!..

That is unless you want to upgrade to a subscription model on top of the few hundred you pay them every year just to file your taxes.

For someone like me with over 1000 transactions that would equate to $99/month.

Cointracker continues taking away functionality from paying customers and extorts the need for you to pay for a very overpriced subscription service. it’d be okay if it was reasonable like $10/ month… but come on $99/ month is outrageous on top of how much we pay just to pull a tax report.

It’s not like this software is perfect, I’ve been using it 3 years and it’s a lot of work to get everything right. I’ve practically developed a new skill in the art of Cointracking and it’s still never completely accurate.

On top of all that they took away the ability to download .txf.

Really not cool.

Has anyone with complex transaction history successfully found an alternative to Cointracker?

I really had high hopes for Cointracker getting their ish together and taking good care of their customers.