Date and Time of Transcation Incorrect

I have been using cointracker for nearly a year and so I don’t know if it’s a new problem or something i just never noticed, but all my transactions are posted with a -6 hour time difference. That means if I make a manual transaction and set the time of transaction 09:47:00, it will show on the full list of transactions page as 03:47:00. If I go back in to edit the transaction, it was still show the original time. I don’t know which time is counted toward calculating my cost basis, because if it’s reporting my transactions as 6 hours early, that makes my cost basis wildly inaccurate. Every transaction does this. I was thinking, perhaps my time zone was changed but I don’t see anywhere on the website I can change that. What is going on here?

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Noticed this as well, when I view all my transactions under “Wallets > Transactions”, it shows my local time (I live in the west coast of the US). But when I edit a transaction, it shows a different time (-8 hour difference). For example, my local time on the transaction would show as 1:00 AM but when I edit the transaction, it would show the time as 9:00 AM.

I believe CoinTracker is using UTC+0 as the time for each transaction to determine the cost basis/price of the coin (when viewing the transaction, not editing the transaction, I believe CoinTracker converts the UTC+0 to your local time). I would suggest to use a time converter from whatever your local time is to UTC+0 and use the UTC+0 time as the time the transaction happened when editing the transaction. So for my case, I used a time converter from PST to UTC+0.

For example, let’s say I bought some BTC on January 14 2023 at 01:10 AM PST (my local time). I then put this time/date on a timer converter from PST to UTC+0, and it gave me January 14 2023 09:10 AM UTC+0 as the time (PST to UTC Converter - Savvy Time). I would then use January 14 2023 09:10 AM UTC+0 as the time the transaction happened when editing the transaction (I believe the format that CoinTracker expects for this would be 01/14/2023 09:10:00).

That could be a viable solution, but then if they were to fix this, then wouldn’t you have to go back and change all your transactions back to your local time? Besides, I have thousands of transactions now with these incorrect times. There’s no way I’m going back and changing them all.