Date in UTC shows transaction in the incorrect year


It looks like CoinTracker uses UTC time for all its transactions. However, this is causing an issue for me since I live in CA and UTC is CA time + 7 hrs. As a result, a transaction that I made on Dec 31st 2019 night is showing up as a taxable transaction for 2020 whereas it should show up in 2019.

Is there a way for me to set my local time zone so that it automatically calculates the transactions correctly from that timezone’s perspective? I understand that all/most exchanges should/will be reporting their data in UTC but it should convert to my local timezone to make sure this end of year/beginning of year error doesn’t happen.



Hi @B7181,

Great question. We’ll work on adding a local time zone support feature. In the meantime you can manually edit the 12/31/2019 transactions to be seven hours earlier.