Date in UTC shows transaction in the incorrect year


It looks like CoinTracker uses UTC time for all its transactions. However, this is causing an issue for me since I live in CA and UTC is CA time + 7 hrs. As a result, a transaction that I made on Dec 31st 2019 night is showing up as a taxable transaction for 2020 whereas it should show up in 2019.

Is there a way for me to set my local time zone so that it automatically calculates the transactions correctly from that timezone’s perspective? I understand that all/most exchanges should/will be reporting their data in UTC but it should convert to my local timezone to make sure this end of year/beginning of year error doesn’t happen.



Hi @B7181,

Great question. We’ll work on adding a local time zone support feature. In the meantime you can manually edit the 12/31/2019 transactions to be seven hours earlier.

@Chandan - Please add a user selectable timezone in both the WebGUI and the iOS app so we have the ability to show all transactions in your local timezone instead of UTC. And also have this reply to any reports generated. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I’m having this same issue. Transactions from 2 of my wallets are showing they happen 4 hours earlier than they really do. I changed my time settings on one of the exchanges that cointracker is uploading the wrong time and it didnt help. Should I try to re-link those wallets? Ive had to manually edit so many times and don’t want to have to do that again haha.