Dealing with fees when manually marking transactions as transfers?

I have a few instances where I’ve done a transfer between two of my wallets, but CoinTracker has not correctly classified the transfer. For easy numbers, suppose I’ve transferred 2 BTC from wallet A to wallet B, with a 0.1BTC miner fee, and CoinTracker knows about both wallets. CoinTracker usually correctly shows this as a transfer. However, for some of my old transfers, CoinTracker instead shows a “Send” transaction from wallet A, and a “Receive” transaction on wallet B. Each transaction has a link to the same blockchain transaction and shows the same fee, so it seems like CoinTracker would be able to understand that this was a transfer(?). However, these tend to be test cases from a few years ago where the fees were fairly large relative to the net value transferred, so perhaps that is confusing CoinTracker’s transfer heuristic(?).

In any case, I’m happy to manually fix up these few transactions (I certainly don’t want them looking like stray sends and receives where I would appear to experience a capital gain (on the send) and some income (on the receive)).

However, when I select the send and receive transactions and click “mark as transfer,” the phantom transactions created ignore all fees. This leaves CoinTracker believing that I have an overall BTC balance in my “Other Transactions” when in fact those were all lost in fees.

Taking the example above, marking the “Send” from A and the “Receive” from B as transfers results in CoinTracker having two transactions:
A (sends 2 BTC) -> “Other Transactions” (receives 2 BTC) [transfer]
“Other Transactions” (sends 1.9 BTC) -> B (receives 1.9 BTC) [transfer]

I’ve tried manually editing one of these transactions to reflect the transfer directly, or to net out the fees, and odd things have resulted (CoinTracker somehow materializing “Trade” transactions to either side … very hard for me to understand/explain).

So the best I’ve been able to do thus far is add another manual “transfer” just to account for the fees. This seems to work, but it feels clunky, and it seems like I’m missing a better way:

  1. A (sends 2 BTC) -> “Other Transactions” (receives 2 BTC) [transfer]
  2. “Other Transactions” (sends 2 BTC with 0.1 fee) -> “Other Transactions” (receives (1.9 BTC with 0.1 fee) [transfer]
  3. “Other Transactions” (sends 1.9 BTC) -> B (receives 1.9 BTC) [transfer]

At the end of the day, what I’d really like to do is just point directly at the original 2 send/receive transactions as a pair and tell CoinTracker “these are the two sides of a single transfer,” and have CoinTracker understand that directly and do the right thing. But even if manual fixups are required, I’d love to understand if there’s a better manual fixup way than what I’ve come to at this point? Thanks!

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Thanks for flagging this. We’ll work on improving this automatically for the future.

For now, the simplest solution is to mark one of the transactions as a transfer and mark the other one as ignored. For example, let’s say the first one is the send. Once marked as transfer, you’ll want to edit the transaction to ensure that:

  • Send amount is gross of fees
  • Received amount is net of fees
  • Received side is edited to include the correct receiving wallet