December 2020 Product Highlights

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December 2020 was once again the biggest growth month for cryptocurrency ever. Now with the market cap of cryptocurrency surpassing $1 trillion, all eyes are on $10 trillion. With Bitcoin surging past $40K and ETH past $1.2K, we are also seeing unprecedented support volumes so we appreciate you bearing with us. We are receiving your messages and we will respond as fast as we can! If you’d like to see us speed this up, we’re hiring! On to the latest updates from CoinTracker:

2020 Tax Forms
All 2020 tax forms are now live in the Tax Center. This includes IRS Forms 8949, 1040, Schedule D, Schedule 1, and integrations for TurboTax and TaxAct. All 2020 US tax plans are still eligible for a 10% early bird discount until the end of the month.

DeFi Center
The DeFi Center is now fully live with support for the top 10 DeFi platforms. You can also try it for free and even without creating a CoinTracker account:

Other news

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