Defi Center Zero Balance?


I updated to the premium plan and synced 2 of my Ethereum wallets, however, the defi center shows $0 for all three columns. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve verified that theres money in both wallets. I’ve also attached a screenshot below.

Hi @vicc,

Are you still seeing this after a hard page refresh (Shift + Command + R)? If so, could you please send us the screenshot directly and an example of an open DeFi position that you have which is missing?

Hi Chandan,

Here’s the steps I did.

  1. Headed to and linked up one of my wallets. It correctly added my assets as they are now.
  2. I then headed to and saw the screenshot I posted above. There was no indication that it knew of any of my existing wallets, etc.
  3. I tapped on the Add ETH Wallet, and added my wallet again and saw the following banner:

  1. I headed back to the defi center and again see that zero-balance page. I clicked on see details and see that it shows my wallets but it almost looks like a template page.

Is this because I have multiple Eth wallets linked? Hmm seems like charging for this, at its current development stage is the wrong move, it doesn’t quite work and or add value in my opinion. Has anyone got this working? My hope was that I’d be able to calculate taxes for my defi activity without having to do it myself, but it seems that this is not yet possible, is that correct?

For reference here is the “see more details” page:

I am having this same issue. Did you ever find a solution for this?