DeFi questions

  1. Do you support smart contract wallets like gnosis, argent, etc. for tax?
  2. How come sometimes symbols do not show up but other times they do? Adding to this, sometimes symbol doesn’t show up but if you edit transaction you’re able to add symbol - this creates a manual transaction though and disables “auto” transaction
  3. Support for uniswap LP tokens coming?
  4. Support for receiving/sending multiple assets coming? Some tx’s you may receive two assets but cointracker defaults to just one (same thing with adding liquidity to curve pool). This requires user to create separate manual tx’s.


Hi @tomatopotato,

  1. Could you clarify what you mean? If these are ERC-20 tokens you are holding in ETH wallets then you can simply add the ETH wallets on the wallets page. If you are asking for something else, please let us know what you mean.

  2. We are working on fixing this; which symbols are you seeing this for?

3, 4. Yes, Uniswap LP and multi-token transactions coming (we’ll let you know as soon as these are live).

  1. They’re not EOA’s (single key wallets), they’re contracts using multi-sig. Argent, Gnosis, Multis, etc. This is the gnosis demo wallet: I imagine if you just have the address you’re ok but there are differences with a standard wallet address and smart contract address.

  2. yCRV, sUSD, some others.

  1. Could you try adding the address to CoinTracker and see if you are seeing any issues with the way you expect the address to be tracked?
  2. Working on adding Curve and Synthetix support and we’ll let you know as soon as they are added.
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There seems to be another error where manual transactions are to 8 decimal places but non-manual use all decimal places, even if system only shows to 8. This results in wrong balances, sometimes negative. The only fix for this seems to be to allow manual to more than 8 decimals otherwise there will always be errors.

We’ll work on a resolution to this and let you know once that is in place.

Hi @tomatopotato,

We’ve started working on a DeFi Center (beta) that includes Uniswap Liquidity Pool info. We’d love to start getting your feedback as we iterate and expand on it.

Glad to see multiple token transactions. DeFi is getting better but still some common issues:

1 - a lot of these multi token tx’s don’t show up as trades, just send/receive. This affects cost basis. For multi token transactions you cannot mark as transfer, trade, etc. This is important because sometimes it’s both - a transfer where you receive your collateral back plus a new token as a reward (staking income).
2 - The old sUSD contract shows up as nUSD, throwing stuff off.
3 - Need the option to use stablecoin price to determine prices. The way cointracker works is it takes the liquidated position to determine cost basis. This isn’t really correct though, especially when dealing in stablecoins and illiquid alts. Should be using stablecoin feed to determine bought/sold prices as it’s exponentially more liquid and reflects the true price. Cointracker ideally should default to more liquid asset to determine price.
4- still need support for curve LP share tokens

Thank you so much for the feedback! We’re going to work on all of these areas:

Working on enabling the tax calculations soon — please stay tuned.

Cuold you send us a screenshot of this to Contact Us?

Could you shed some more light on where this is failing you (e.g. an example or two would be helpful). If easier, you can send them directly to us.

Curve in progress

Hi @tomatopotato

Curve pools are now live in the DeFi Center (tax support coming soon).

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Could you shed some more light on where this is failing you (e.g. an example or two would be helpful). If easier, you can send them directly to us.

For example, say you trade 1,000 units of token A for 1,000 USDT. Cointracker price feed for Token A says it was trading at $1.05. Cointracker will determine that you acquired USDT at $1.05/USDT and that your total proceeds were $1,050. In reality, token A was an illiquid market. USDT is trading at $1.00 everywhere else. When you go to sell the USDT at $1.00 you have a capital loss. This transaction should go down as you selling token A for $1.00, not $1.05.

Same thing as opposite, say your feed says token A is $0.95 but you sold 1,000 for 1,000 USDT. In reality you sold 1,000 for $1 each… you did not acquire USDT at $0.95. When you go to sell this USDT later you have a capital gain. I see this issue pop up a decent amount, especially if it’s an illiquid pair.

This also may be happening because of your price feed frequency, not sure how it’s calculated and if you have price feeds down to the second, 5 seconds, minute, etc.

Hi @tomatopotato,

In cases like this, you can edit the cost basis / proceeds of the transaction to override the auto-detected price feed. You can do this from the transactions page using the dropdown on the right side of the transaction.

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So how do we connect are argent wallets to cointracker?

@wondorboy — you can paste your ETH address from Argent here.

Was there a quick fix for the nUSD? I’m having the same issue.

Short term: you can create a custom currency and then edit the nUSD transactions.

Long term: we’ll update Synthetix support fully.

Updates: Multi-token transactions are live. Top 10 Uniswap pool tokens are fully supported. Expanding to more pool tokens and other protocols next.