Delay in matching transactions

I’ve been moving assets from an online exchange (Coinbase) to a hardware wallet. Both the exchange account and the wallet addresses have been added to CoinTracker, but I’ve noticed a strange issue with my Ethereum tokens. After a delay of ~20 minutes, CoinTracker was able to match the send and receive transactions for ETH, ZRX, and LINK and to categorize those as transfers. The weird part is that it’s still unable to match both sides of the transfer transactions for CVC, DNT, KNC, AAVE, UMA, and MKR, all of which were sent to the same Ethereum address as the ones that were successfully matched. I’m wondering 1) whether I should continue waiting for them to match (I’d rather not reconcile them manually if I don’t have to), and 2) whether there are specific tokens where I should expect this issue.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @CoinTown,

Everything should be matched on next wallet sync (within 24 hours). If you are still seeing an issue with transfer matching, could you please send us a screenshot?