Deposit not showing up in my new ledger S

Hi, I am pretty new to cryptos & after figuring out how to use coinbase, simpleswap & shapeshift. I was able to get my first few transactions. I bought DGB using the google DGB wallet. That was my first one after watching youtube video showing how or where to get a wallet for it. It went well the first time. Then the second got stuck. On the third one I lost all of it even though I did everything correct. I was told & I saw elsewhere people saying not to use the google DBG wallet, thanks but too late.

I just got a Ledger S wallet because I learned from that not too trust online wallets. I have some THETA on their wallet thats getting moved too.

Now to the point. I set up the Ledger per instructions & successfully have multiple DBG deposits on it. YAY!! Today I added two new apps to it for a total of 5 apps. One was Vechain (VET). I then bought ETH on coinbase. I changed it too VET on simpleswap to go directly to my Ledger S… It never showed up! Simple safe shows finished & support says to contact Ledger. Well thats not so easy. I sent a message & hope they return it before I lose the money & vechain somehow?

What did I do wrong & how can I get the deposit into my wallet?

Key things that may or may not have anything to do with it?
#1 The 5 apps I installed were BTC, ETH, DGB, ADA & VET. That took up all the memory. I thought it would hold more than that? Anyway it was then full.

#2 if the app memory is full does that effect the deposit? Like it cant hold it because its full? Or is the wallet portion for the crypto separate like I would think it would be?

#3 I just deleted the ADA app to get some memory & it hasn’t shown up yet. This was hours later though.

#4 If the wallet can only hold that little in apps? Am I supposed have no apps on it & only add the app right before I deposit crypto on it? Then remove it & do so with every different crypto I buy each time?

#5 If the memory was the problem? Then how do I get it loaded now that I have the free space?

#6 If that wasn’t the problem? How or what do I do?

#7 I also have to get the THETA put onto my Ledger now too once fixed. I will need a little guidance for that since its not listed on the Ledger but say it can go on in other areas.

Thanks for any help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @screwedup,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry that you ran into all these issues. Cryptocurrency can be tough to get ramped up on but it’s great to hear that you are investing in a hardware wallet to secure your own coins.

A few notes: the wallet apps and memory you have installed on your ledger have nothing to do with whether or not you can receive the coins. The coins are not stored in the app — just the ability to interact with them. For example you can delete the BTC wallet app on your ledger and still receive BTC to the address in the question (that’s the beauty of a decentralized blockchain!). When you want to interact with the coins, then you can simple re-install the app. More info from Ledger.

Sounds like it is worth getting in touch with simpleswap support. Do you have a transaction ID from them that you can use to check the status of the transaction on a blockexplorer?

Hi thanks for replying. I did contact Simpleswap support.They are fast at responding & they said that I should contact Ledger support. Ledger support is hard to get to & still hasn’t responded. I sent simple swap the hash & wallets.

[hashes redaceted]

I keep checking my ledger live to see if it will magically show up but nothing there. Is there a way to have it resent? Or somehow use the wallet addressesused to do anther deposit from those to the ledger? I mean its just sitting somewhere in cyber space between simplswap & my wallet

Will message you directly to protect your address information

Ok thanks. I thought addresses were Ok just not the PIN & word phrase

Just to be abundantly safe and to protect your privacy :slight_smile: