Deposit on AAVE


I have a few question regarding a transaction to be reviewed, and so I can also correct the following ones accordingly, would be great to get some advice!

As seen on the following screenshot, I deposited 0,5 ETH on AAVE on January 17th, which became 0,5 aETH.

Here is also the transaction on etherscan :

1 - does this transaction apply as a taxable event ? (I pay my taxes in Germany). And in the case that I didn’t want it to appear as a taxable event, how can I change this so that it isn’t refered as a trade, but just a deposit on another platform, while still acknowledging the loss in terms of Gas Fee ?
2 - I don’t understand what the 0.02355961 ETH stand for, as the deposit seems to be of 0.5 ETH ?
3 - I also don’t see the 0.0262465856 ETH Gas fee I paid. Do I have to add it manually as a fee on the left AND right columns ?
4 - Which cost basis should I put on the right column ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Pinging this subject again, as I’d still be happy to get an answer on how to proceed on this, thanks in advance!