Different cost basis method for donations?

I’m new to CoinTracker and pretty impressed thus far! I’m considering making some charitable donations in BTC, but I’m concerned that CoinTracker would apply HIFO as the cost basis method for donations, just as it would apply HIFO for normal spends. For donations from folks in the US who possess coins carrying long-term gains, we’d generally want to use the lowest cost-basis coins we have for our donation coins, as we effectively skip all capital gains taxes on donated coins. [And this is of course the opposite of what you’d generally want for normal-expenditure coins].

I see that there’s a “donation” flag I can manually apply to transactions, but I can’t find any information on how CoinTracker will treat such donations at tax-time, which coins it will choose to use for Specific Identification for donated coins vs. normally-spent coins, etc…?


Great point; we’ll look into making this available.