Do we delete the 2nd transaction?

UPDATE @Chandan
You can likely just skip to POST3 (last one) to provide an answer.

Hi, im going through transactions as coins are moved from wallet A to wallet B, having a problem knowing how to finalise them when I mark as transfer and give the send Tx a wallet address.

Binance API seems to detect which wallet address a coin was sent to and so long as I import/API that wallet in, it appears it see’s this and creates ONE tx on the log with the correct FROM/TO marked as a transfer.

But the rest don’t. They have two Tx line items in the log.
One showing SEND one showing RECEIVE.
So I know I need to mark as TRANSFER and assign the SEND tx with the correct RECEIVE wallet address.
When I do this, I get this…

LINE 2 is the first transfer, from CDC to CELSIUS.
But then line 1, which is the original API grab from celsius is still there.

  1. If I delete it, wont it come back in on the next API sync?
  2. If I don’t delete it, wont my balance of XLM will increase as there are now two records of me receiving 4,813 XLM around the same time.

When binance does this correctly, I see only one transaction line.
So I assume that’s the end result?

Thanks @Chandan

So I thought maybe I should edit the 2nd Tx.
I marked it as a transfer
Then edited it and gave it a SENDERS WALLET
(i told it it can form “imported wallet - wallet”)
I then go this…

So I can see its strike off the original Celsius Receive,
Then created a duplicate entry of the strike but shown as a TRANSFER from CDC.

But now I’ve two of the same Tx?

Heads blagged.
Am i doing something wrong here?

Searched help files for info on this but cant see anything talking about it other than telling me to mark transfers up manually.

Help pls.


Answering my own questions here I think…
So after a while, CT updated and says…
“…results in negative balance”.

So I check CDC balance and its exactly -4,813
(because the entry has happened twice).

I cant see a merge option, so which one do I delete?
Does it matter?
or is there another way I tell CT they are the same transaction?


Hi @LeadGr8,

I just skipped to the third post. In this case, you can just delete the top transaction using the dropdown arrow on the right side of the page.