Does anybody at Cointracker read these?

Just curious. There seem to be a lot of unresolved and unaddressed issues as of late.


As far as I can tell, no. I’ve cancelled my plan until they can show that they’re going to fix issues and appropriately respond to people, using their free service and paying as well.


Support here is woefully pathetic

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Same here, so frustrating at Cointracker is 90% there in terms of being exactly what’s needed but the responsiveness to those 10% of other issues makes it difficult to justify the monthly plans which I would gladly pay if they could solve the relatively simple issues/bugs I’ve raised. What are y’all using as alternatives?

Why did you delete? Should we run away from this trap or not?

Did you find a better alternative? I have so much work into this, manual and otherwise I would hate to leave but may need to for year-end.

Hi all,

Thanks for creating this topic.

Recently we’ve been unable to give the forum the attention it deserves. We’re working hard to tackle the volume of tickets we receive through our contact form which has meant that staying on top of forum posts has been difficult.

We’re actively hiring for a Community Manager to help us maintain aspects of our support, like this forum. We’re also hiring into our Support Team more generally to better support our users.

Thanks for bearing with us while we ramp up our support offering. I appreciate it’s frustrating to have delayed or no responses to your concerns and we want to fix this as soon as we can.

You have not answered a single ticket I have submitted all year. Literally zero support and simple things to fix. Last it was “tax season” so delayed and now it’s just we have too many issues to fix to even monitor our own forums.

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