DOT price not being used after Kraken import

I added a Kraken wallet and can see the correct number of DOT under “Wallets”, although the value is greatly off, listing close to zero. When I go to Dashboard, I don’t see any DOT at all among the coins I own. Presumably it’s below the Dashboard listing threshold at $0.17 (as listed in Wallets). This is odd since the price of DOT coins is correct under the “Crypto Prices” area. Note that the Kraken import and price listing is fine for other coins I had, and all the coin quantities (including the DOT) are correct. The value for DOT is broken.


I’m also having this issue. Hopefully they can get it worked out.

Yep I’m having this issue as well. It seems to be assigning Kraken DOT to some other unknown coin, which is the source of the problem. It’s immediately recognizable as such because the icon is wrong and the price is ridiculously off.

You can correct it by updating each and every DOT transaction to the correct coin, but it’s a huge pain in the butt when you have a bunch of transactions. Really annoying and I hope it gets addressed soon.

Same problem. After Kraken was deprecated, replacement interface does not apply DOT values at all to the existing balances. Doesn’t match values sitting in Kraken DOT account.

Looks like it’s happened to a few coins, the Graph (GRT) is also incorrect.
Updating every transaction for each coin doesnt work either.

I updated the transactions, but it still is showing wrong with the DOT. This is really annoying for a paid service to have an error with a coin thats top ten.

Personally I’ve sent two support tickets in for this in the past week, and NO response other than the bot telling me that they have received it. I can understand maybe a day, two for support…

Cointracker people I know your busy, a lot of new accounts I’m sure, but this keeps up, and something like this keeps going with no response or proper fix, you’ll have less accounts to support. Can’t trust the tax reporting service if you can’t manage the tracking which is I’m sure a huge portion of those who signed up for this PAID service. Please start acting like a PAID service and fix this shit.

Ditto. Really frustrating seeing the incorrect icon, price, and balance. Please fix this :pray:

Add ATOM to this list.

ditto for KNC for about 2 weeks now - showing up as KingN Coin instead of Kyber, with a wildly inflated value. I can’t even manually edit the transaction, my dashboard still shows this obscure token even after I disable that transaction. Why am I paying for this again? how can I trust your tax calculations?

I’m not sure about other assets mentioned here, but my Kraken DOT wallet now tracks the correct coin.

Yes, my DOT now looks OK so cointracker becomes useful again :slight_smile: