DOT wallet support

I was wondering if support for Polkadot wallet addresses/balances was planned - especially useful for cold wallets (Ledger Nano, …). Using or crawling a chain scanner like
Keep up the good work and thanks in advance,

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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the request! We’ll work on adding this and let you know once available. In the meantime if you need an immediate solution you can still add these transactions manually, via CSV upload, or exchange sync.

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Any update on this? Currently, adding DOT manually gives really high numbers (a price of ~£200/DOT), even though the price has gone down here

with the separation of the old and new DOT (it was diluted 100x). Really need then as separate entries, but you can only pick DOT at the moment.

If you are still seeing an issue here, could you please edit your relevant DOT entries to pre-account for the DOT split? That one time fix should resolve this for you.

Hi Chandan,

Just seeing if you were still working on adding Polkadot (DOT) for the Ledger Live Wallet / Nano?

Just looking for an update on when this might be added.


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+1 I’m also looking forward to Polkadot support for the Ledger Wallet / Nano.

Me too! We need to add polkadot transactions for our Ledger Wallet