Duplicate transactions?

Having many duplicates on coinbase pro
Messing with cost basis
This is horrible
Anyone else having this?

I wonder if I’m having the same issue. I am seeing a number of transactions between Coinbase and Pro that are duplicated. As you can see below the token, time and amounts match perfectly:

I have at least 3 more. It would be great to have a way to spot these and also know what we should do. Should we remove the transaction that is not correctly marked as a transfer to Pro? Will this cause other issues? Resynched later?

Upping this just in case someone from CoinTracker actually bothers reading this

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I still see mine
I am thinking of using the other big one I think tokentax
And see if the dupes go away
I guess I could hunt down snd ignore some. But that is a bad solution

I agree, I don’t want to be hand picking some and deleting. I also am not fully sure how the engine will treat them or eventually recreate them. It smells a lot like a bug that should be fixed.