Duplicate transactions?

Having many duplicates on coinbase pro
Messing with cost basis
This is horrible
Anyone else having this?

I wonder if I’m having the same issue. I am seeing a number of transactions between Coinbase and Pro that are duplicated. As you can see below the token, time and amounts match perfectly:

I have at least 3 more. It would be great to have a way to spot these and also know what we should do. Should we remove the transaction that is not correctly marked as a transfer to Pro? Will this cause other issues? Resynched later?

Upping this just in case someone from CoinTracker actually bothers reading this

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I still see mine
I am thinking of using the other big one I think tokentax
And see if the dupes go away
I guess I could hunt down snd ignore some. But that is a bad solution

I agree, I don’t want to be hand picking some and deleting. I also am not fully sure how the engine will treat them or eventually recreate them. It smells a lot like a bug that should be fixed.

Yes, many duplicate transactions. You have to go through the transactions and see which ones are duplicate. Otherwise your tax reporting cost basis is incorrect and you could be reporting a loss vs a gain to the IRS. The quantity looks correct. This also affect your holdings report and tax harvest report. If this occurred in a prior years tax filing. Suggest you review for potential underestimated tax with your accountant.

My Solution.
I click on the duplicate transaction and click ignore. It will remove the duplicate line and the cost basis will update .

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Is there a better product. Don’t tryst this one anymore???

Most of these crypto tax software are new. There will be bugs even if you go to another app. Best cointracker gives us a discount to help them identify the bugs and solutions. Instead, you dont get a response. They need to hire experienced accountants and tax folks who knows how it flows into the tax filings. Almost everyday, I have to go in and review the information for gaps and make any necessary adjustments. So if you are active and not doing this. Good Luck at year end. It can be a nightmare.

Duplicate transactions are generally a result of some sort of bug or change with the way an API sends us data. CoinTracker is built on top of the APIs of many exchanges so we often discover API changes (or bugs) when they’re raised to us, so we appreciate the report! Sitting on top of so many other product’s APIs is often tricky technically and we’re working hard to resolve quirks as quickly as we can find them.

We’re investigating reports of duplicate transactions from Coinbase here.

this is occurring using metamask swaps also.