Edit Cost basis / proceeds function disappeared?

I’ve been going through and editing a collection of transactions/LP on Defi tokens not yet supported on Cointracker, and so have needed to do a fair bit of manual editing of both cost basis and proceeds. Up until yesterday, this was working fine, but I see this morning that manual edit functionality has disappeared.

Bug? If not, can this functionality be resumed? Unfortunately I can’t continue accurately tracking tax liabilities without this.


Hi @karma900,

Could you please send us directly a screenshot of what you mean? We still see the manual edit functionality working on our end.

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Thanks Chandan, I’ve contacted support including a screenshot of my issue, which only shows ‘edit’ and ‘ignore’ for all coin balances that are part of what the software recognizes as a ‘trade’. All the normal options are still available on simple 1-sided sends and receives, but these are few and far between in Defi. I’ve tried refreshing / reloading multiple times over several days, but still the same issue, which first started on ~ 12/30 or 12/31.


Thanks for sharing that — we’ll take a look!

Excuse me for piling on :slight_smile: . This is the same problem that my ongoing FXC->AMP problem exposes - the “trade” can’t be edited for costs and proceeds to mask the 1:1 swap’s “profit”.

Thanks for reporting this — we’ll take a look and let you know once we have an update.

Chandan, checking in on this, any update here? The product is effectively broken for me without the ability to manually adjust proceeds/cost basis for tokens the platform doesn’t yet recognize (like many LP tokens and obscure defi protocols), and this has been a very time consuming process so far, concerned about getting further behind on actualizing the previous year.

Thanks for checking in here — we’re tracking an update for this here and we’ll let you know as soon as it is in place.

Hi, I know you guys are working on it, just wanted to chime in that I’m having trouble with this too! I put in a ticket as well,

Awesome, if you have already upvoted the issue, you’ll automatically be notified as soon as there is an update.

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