EOS Wallet REX storage

I have imported my wallet; however, I’m noticing that my EOS in REX (which is the majority of it) is unaccounted for. How would I go about adding that in? I’ve tried doing a manual transaction to deposit them; however, the final amount does not update accordingly.

UPDATE: I ended up adding this in other transactions and it updated my balance and cost basis accordingly; however, it would probably make more sense for it to be inside my EOS wallet since that’s where the REX transaction occurred

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Sounds like you found the right manual workaround. Could you try editing the wallet on the manual transactions to be your EOS wallet? That should square you away.

It didn’t list that as an option on the drop-down for some reason… I’ll try again later tonight though, thanks!

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Got it, if it doesn’t show up at all, then your current workaround is the best back-up for now.