Error Importing CSV with FTX Exchange Data

I have taken both Order and Trade data from FTX and formatted it in the CoinTracker CSV format. I select the file and it says “Processing” and then “Ready for Import”. However, when I click Import, I get “Error uploading file”. I have made sure the dates are in the right format and I pulled out any currencies that are not supported by CoinTracker (i.e. XLMBULL). I have done this several times before for other exchanges but for the life of me, I cant get this one to import. Any help greatly appreciated.

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I’m getting the same error. I only have FTT ETH and USD as part of the CSV. I formatted it exactly as the sample CSV shows. Is it just an issue when we select “FTX” as the wallet type? This is getting frustrating.

Oh so I just figured out how to bypass this for now. When you select wallet type, don’t select FTX. Type in something illegible and then you will be shown a button to “Import CSV”. You can change “Wallet Name” to FTX to label it. Then the import works. It must be a bug in their frontend code for just FTX because the file upload/parse network calls return 200 but there is still an error, so it must be after the network responses.

Can you share how you reformatted the FTX csvs to cointracker format? Did you use a script?