Error Importing CSV with FTX Exchange Data

I have taken both Order and Trade data from FTX and formatted it in the CoinTracker CSV format. I select the file and it says “Processing” and then “Ready for Import”. However, when I click Import, I get “Error uploading file”. I have made sure the dates are in the right format and I pulled out any currencies that are not supported by CoinTracker (i.e. XLMBULL). I have done this several times before for other exchanges but for the life of me, I cant get this one to import. Any help greatly appreciated.

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I’m getting the same error. I only have FTT ETH and USD as part of the CSV. I formatted it exactly as the sample CSV shows. Is it just an issue when we select “FTX” as the wallet type? This is getting frustrating.

Oh so I just figured out how to bypass this for now. When you select wallet type, don’t select FTX. Type in something illegible and then you will be shown a button to “Import CSV”. You can change “Wallet Name” to FTX to label it. Then the import works. It must be a bug in their frontend code for just FTX because the file upload/parse network calls return 200 but there is still an error, so it must be after the network responses.