ETH fees not deducting from my ETH holdings


I’ve noticed that when I input a manual transaction and include a gas fee that i paid in ETH, it doesn’t actually deduct the ETH fee amount from my ETH holdings?

Any ideas, maybe I’m inputting my transaction incorrectly?


Hm. I just tried to do a test and put in a manual transaction of eth from one of my wallets, and let cost basis or whatever recalculate…

From inside the wallet’s transactions, the main eth transfer calculated, but the fee did not
From outside, looking at wallets summary, neither calculated there
From home page looking at all assets, didn’t calculate there either.

Maybe something to do with API knowing that I didn’t actually do it?

Interesting. Curious to see what the devs may advise.

Is this just community support or are there actual devs that look on here? Still looking for an answer. Thank you.

I try to help the best I can but something like this def needs a dev to look into… @Chandan

Maybe we are suppose to add the fee into the sent amount too? I just did a test…

Current balance 1.983

submitted manual transaction to send: .1
fee: .01

I was expecting when it completed and you hover over the (i) to say “remaining balance 1.873” but it said instead, “1.883”. so it did not include the fee.

I suppose, we could add the fee into the actual sent amount? Prob with that is I’d want the fee amount there for posterity and if they came along later and fixed the glitch, wed’ then be off on all we did that with.

Am I understanding the problem correctly? Surely you are correct and I should have seen the expected 1.873, right? Also, again this is looking inside the transactions for the wallet. Pan out, look at wallet overview or Dashboard, and it doesn’t even calculate the principle sent.

The only explanation I can think of that isn’t that there is a bug… is that the API knows I didn’t actually do it so there is a conflict.

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I also can’t figure out if the fee should go on the sent or received side?

Okay I tried putting it on both sides and it doesn’t effect the overall balance left over. Because of that I have dust showing in accounts. But It doesn’t hurt anything or effect anything from the looks of it, as far as cost basis and price sold. As long as I don’t have to amended my tax returns everytime someone changes.

Yes that’s all correct guys. This is certainly a bug. If making a transaction on Uniswap costs me a fee of 0.03 ETH, that 0.03 ETH should be deducted from my overall ETH holdings. But it is not.

Therefore what it the point of inputting gas/transaction fees if it doesn’t affect our holdings? This will also cause a fairly large tax discrepancy when the time comes. From all the transactions I’ve done, I’ve probably paid around 0.5 ETH in fees, but that’s not being reflected in my holdings, and there’s no way to just create a transaction to make 0.5 ETH disappear to reflect my actual holdings.

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Best we can do is upvote this bug request Fees do not currently have any impact on wallet balance | Bugs | CoinTracker


Yes, good luck getting this resolved. Fees are not deducted automatically, you’ll have to do this manually from what I can gather.

Yes! Please up-vote this bug fix request. This is a major problem. And it’s hard to know that it’s even happening, so most people probably have no idea.

Bump. This is definitely still an issue. Please fix your app before somebody else builds one that works.

Thought I was all finished today, and then I noticed this issue on my final pass. What a massive headache. Please fix this bug ASAP