ETH2 Cost Basis Wrong

I staked about 25% of my Ethereum on Coinbase. Now, on the performance tab, my cost basis for ETH is wrong (too high) and cost basis for the ETH2 is showing as 0. I rely on that cost basis information in my day trading and as it is wrong, I’m unable to use it at all.



Also keeping an eye on this here Coinbase ETH2 Staking - #16 by matlas

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Also need help with this, as the basis should be w/e the original basis was for the converted ethereum. I also had to add my first conversion manually as it only picked up my more recent conversions.

Hey ya’ll! We have an open request for this issue. We’ll have this cost basis resolved well before the tax season! Apologies for the trouble in the meantime.

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Hi, as far as I can see this issue is still not resolved. Am I missing something? I cannot compute my correct gains/losses since my ETH and ETH2 cost basis is all wrong. Please fix this!

@thomas Any word on when this will be fixed?