ETH2 transfer on CoinBase results in zero balance

So I had about 3.25 ETH staked in ETH2. The initial deposits show up as transfers as I expect it be, and long with the cost bias for staked payouts. However transfers from ETH2 to cbETH (all get marked as sends from ETH2) result into a “This transaction results in a negative wallet balance. This is often caused by missing transactions. CoinTracker does not have record of you receiving this amount of token into this wallet. We are currently assuming a cost basis of 0 USD. Please check your transaction history, and add any transactions that are missing.” albeit one of ~0.15 ETH2 which has an incorrect cost basis of much lower than I paid for the ETH.

Is this a known issue that will be fixed soon? Or is this related to the unknown IRS treatment of ETH2 to ETH being a taxable event? I would expect the ETH2 balance to be correctly debit/credited however.

  • Sergei