Ethereum cost basis extremely high ($7,574.64 per ETH)

I’m seeing a cost basis of my Ethereum holdings that is significantly higher than the cost has ever been in the coin’s history. I downloaded my transactions in CSV format and went through them and I can’t find anything erroneous (besides older transactions not even really having a USD cost basis equivalent). The per-coin cost basis is always “normal” for the date of the transaction.

Is this some sort of potential side effect of HIFO that I’m just blanking on? It seems like it shouldn’t be possible but maybe there is some weird accounting math at work here (been a long week, can’t really think through if that makes any sense).

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I have a similar issue. I noticed it once I staked to ETH2 on coinbase. Would love to see a fix for this

Similar issue here as well with ETH and another token. I’ve also gone through all of the transactions in granular detail and can’t figure out what is causing it (same thing where the cost basis looks normal on each transaction.) Either I’m missing something (quite possible) or there’s potentially a bug/unexpected behavior. Tried emailing support on this a while ago but didn’t really get any specific guidance