Etoro import broken

I am trying to import my Etoro information. I follow your guide exactly for downloading and uploading the xlsx/csv file, but it always errors out.


I am having the same issue

Same here, if anyone finds a solution, please share it!

I hope this can get resolved before the tax deadline!!

I just encountered the same issue.

Very disappointed there is no response regarding this.

Really disappointed by the silence from Cointracker on this one. The eToro uploader is still broken.

Well it’s been over 6 months that cointracker has known about this issue… where’s the fix!!!

At least improve the error. It just says it failed, so no way to guess why its failing. I may cancel my subscription if this doesn’t get fixed soon.

I just signed up and tried importing etoro Before I purchase their plan - - no luck. Does eToro check these messages or is there a different place for bugs?