Even after bug fix, transactions are quite wrong

i just sold all of my ada for 5000 i bought it for 7800 it says 100 dollar loss. it clearly doesnt have the cost basis right. otherwise as i stake some it counts it as losses which isnt right. how do we fix these problems?

Hey @james!

If you are still seeing anything incorrect across your CoinTracker dashboard, please reach out to us via the contact us form .

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  • More information is better, please be as detailed as possible.
  • Please do not submit duplicate requests about the same issue (this actually slow things down considerably by pushing your first ticket down the queue).
  • If your case has resolved itself or you have more info to provide, reply to the email notification confirming your case was submitted and we’ll see your update.

We have been providing updates across our status page and Twitter handle, bookmark those for future reference to stay informed on the latest status.

hey erin, can i get a refund for this application and cancel the subscription. I had to get a CPA to manage Defi and dexs.

Sure thing, I will follow up in your direct messages on this forum so we can locate your CoinTracker account.