Exchange API Data Doesn't Match Exchange Export

Hey guys,
It’s taken me ages to get to a point where I can even find what to look at.

I connect Bitstamp using API.
Final balance is £0 and 130 Tx.

If I export Bitstamp (full export, all data) and import,
Final balance 17k (1.4btc) and 119 Tx.

I cant for the life of me work out whats wrong.

Normally I would export a direct exchange export to be accurate and the API or software (CT) to have the problem. But the API exchange value (£0) is correct. But I cant image its the direct Tx export from Bitstamp?

I’m happy for someone to connect in and take a look.



It’s something to do with EUR Tx
I can see on the API connection I have 77 EUR Tx
But on my import I dont even have EUR listed as a wallet?
Totally mind blagging me is this ;}

Could you send us the CSV to our contact us page?

I have done this.
I spent today working on Binance Jersey CSV, getting it to £0, which it is now. Its something to do with withdrawals. I note that when I export your API files, and compare them to raw export data from Bitstamp, the withdrawals are missing from the CT export?

I focused on using the API which was accurate.
The import was not, although I’m sure if i spent enough time I’d have found why.
To do with fiat though in some way.

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