Exodus Safe Report import issue

I am attempting to upload my safe report zip file from Exodus wallet and It says completed successfully, but 0 wallets imported. Tried several times with same results.


Sorry about that. Do you mind sending your safe report to feedback@cointracker.io so we can take a look at it?

I am having this exact same issue importing the SAFE report from Exodus

SAFE report sent to feedback email provided above.

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Great, thank you @sprintchamp! We will take a look and circle back with you.

@Chandan I sent an email to the feedback address, I am having the same problem that is described here. I attached my Safe Report file.

@Felbringer08 thanks for flagging. We will take a look soon and circle back with an update.

@Pingonious, @sprintchamp, @Felbringer08: this is now resolved and you can upload your Exodus Safe Reports to CoinTracker. The issue was that there were different Exodus exports for Macs and PCs, but it should all work at this point. If you are running into any issues, please let us know.

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Just successfully uploaded my Safe Report. Thanks!

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