Explicitly reporting stolen coins

I’m having trouble zeroing out some MAID coin stolen during the Cryptopia hack. I enter a transfer out transaction and then mark it “Lost / Stolen”. I tried not specifying the wallet. I tried putting it in the Cryptopia wallet. I tried doing a trade for 0 USD and that is ignored. But the 2103 MAID continues to show up under Cryptopia wallet and the dashboard.



Hi @cacortes,

You did the right thing with the manual transaction. We currently still show the MAID on the wallet/dashboard because it is displaying the last synced value from Cryptopia. We will work on making an addition to allow closed/hacked exchanges to update like you want to see for tracking purposes and let you know once this is available. Taxes will already be calculated correctly based on the addition of the manual transaction you added.

Thanks for attending to this. I previously requested that one could mark an exchange “closed” so that it wouldn’t get flagged with the concerning RED “!” and would discontinue attempts to update. Perhaps such a feature could be integrated with the ability to add transaction under that wallet? Perhaps it doesn’t matter and one should be able to enter transactions regardless.

Regarding the taxes: I generated a CSV cap gains statement and it lists the gains at zero. Is that right? It certainly shouldn’t suggest that I made gains on some of the lots.

Asset Amount Asset Name Received Date Date Sold Proceeds (USD) Cost Basis (USD) Gain (USD) Type
680 MAID 8/10/2017 12/31/2019 165.67 263.41 -97.74 Long Term
11.54351156 MAID 11/30/2018 12/31/2019 2.81 2.02 0.79 Long Term
542.3151215 MAID 11/30/2018 12/31/2019 132.13 94.88 37.25 Long Term
869.1413669 MAID 11/30/2018 12/31/2019 211.75 152.06 59.7 Long Term


Hi Carlos,

For the gains/losses on the transactions, could you please message us at feedback [at] cointracker.io so we can make sure that you have correctly categorized these transactions in your CoinTracker account?

I tried one more thing: To mark my Cryptopia Stolen MAID as sold for $0.01. After recalculation is complete, I still see 2103 MAID on my dashboard. Any chance you guys are working on this?


Hi @cacortes,

We will work on improving this and let you know once that is available

Hey Chandan. I can still see my MAID coin in my wallet even though I created a transfer out to “Other Transactions” and a sale in that wallet. Can we just find some sort of workaround?

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Current balances (for portfolio) are pulled from sync wallets directly (though your edit will have resolved transaction history & taxes). Since Cryptopia shut down, the balance is stuck from a frozen-in-time history. We’re working on a feature to resolve this.

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