F hedge gas fee

Has anyone here have used or experienced fortehedge.com?
My portfolio is being hijack by fortehedge by initially asking 35k for a unique tax code to be generated for tax puposes and once I paid that they are now again asking for 9k for gas fee. It seems to have a lot of money on my cointracker portfolio but for some reason they refused to use it to pay for the gas fee. They said that I can not withdraw unless I pay the gas fee. But I am scared to pay them as I am no longer 100% sure if they are a legitimate company. Can someone or anybody please help.

No. I’m afraid not. Lost 100k. My supposed broket has now deleted his FB account although I can still Log in to Fortehedge.com they no longer reply to messages.

I did not. And it seems my message is getting flag for mentioning fortehedge.