Failed to Parse/ No transaction rows

I’ve been all over the forum and saw this topic come up a couple of times, but after following all instructions I cannot get my file to upload. Everything looks beautiful on my end, but I guess something must be missing? Is it possible I could send the file to support and have them take a quick look?

I want to pay for this service to file my taxes if I can just get it to work completely.


Had the same problem with the most recent BlockFi upload. Looks like the date format changed to have AM/PM instead of 24 hour time. I think that caused it but not sure. Only had about 5 transactions so just manually added.

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Same problem. No response from support, even after I purchased a tax plan. Pretty ridiculous.

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Have the same issue I even downloaded the .csv format available on the site still not working, would be nice to get some help.

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Hey folks,

If you use a transaction history CSV or capital gains CSV it won’t work. If you use the TurboTax CSV per these instructions, everything will work seamlessly.

I think people are not referring to Turbo tax rather than to the cointracker import functions issues. I have been trying to import transactions of my Binance wallet and I’m getting this CSV Failed to Parse error too for weeks now. I have followed all the instructions in your video and tutorial to right format the spreadsheet and even tried to import the sample template you have in the import page with no luck. I’ve got to say I am quite disappointed with the support too as I have logged multiple queries since a couple of months ago on this subject and others and haven’t received any reply from you guys yet. Needless to say, I purchased the premium tax plan, so disappointed from that end too.