Fantom (FTM) Token in Metamask not being recognized

My Metamask wallet contains several tokens in it, one of them being Fantom (FTM). The problem is that although I’ve synced the wallet to CoinTracker, Cointracker doesn’t understand what this FTM token is, and marks it as a question-mark having zero value (see screenshot).

Manually updating the transaction to the correct token doesn’t affect the balance shown in the wallet. This is causing my overall FTM holdings to be significantly undercounted.

The issue seems similar to the other one reported here where the IMX ticker was pointing to the wrong token (“Impact” vs “Immutable X”).

I’ve tried to work around this in several ways (updating the transaction, adding a new transaction, manually linking the wallet address) but nothing has worked. I think CoinTracker needs to fix this bug on their end.

Have you looked at the actual transaction on Etherscan? This looks like it could be a scam token. Make sure it’s that actual real token contract address of 0x4E15361FD6b4BB609Fa63C81A2be19d873717870.

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Phew, you had me worried there for a sec, but no it’s the right address. When I click on “View Asset on Etherscan” it takes me to the official Fantom Token page. Clicking “Token Details” shows the same thing.

Thanks for the suggestion though! Like I said I’m pretty sure this is just a failure to correctly map tickers on the part of Cointracker, since I encountered a similar issue with my IMX token a while back (that still hasn’t been resolved).