Farming Transaction in cointracker

Should a Farming Transaction trigger a taxable event (gain/loss)? In the screenshot attached to this post, we farmed a pair of ETH / mETH on DeFi Money Market (DMM). It is a matched pair for farming. It shows a $282 gain, but it was not a sale - just a contract execution for farming.

Is this correct? If not, how do I change it as it only gives me “Ignore, Edit and Mark as Margin” as the only options available. Plus, I see that it is marked “Buy” - is Farming considered a Buy?

Sorry for the ignorant questions. Just trying to get everything lined out for tax time.

If you earn any farming token, that should be a taxable transaction. It would be taxed as ordinary income.

I am not very familiar with the farming platform you use. If you elaborate on your transaction, I can be more helpful.

You can also refer to this guide.

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