Feature request: Allow to make drafts of multiple transactions and review before approval


I think the usability of the site would improve greatly, if there was a function allowing to “branch” the transaction list, make changes, and review its final impact before approving or discarding all changes. My accounting software for my “normie” accountancy can do this.

I find heaps of mistakes in cost-basis calculations on the site, and the most annoying thing is that after I fix them manually, sometimes the app picks up on the original error and “corrects” itself, forcing me to reverse all the manual actions.

I know I can get a preview doing manual transactions, but the site is very little responsive with my amount of transactions, so I often need to wait several minutes for the cost-basis to be re-computed after a small change. Having a chance to make a batch draft and see the effect of those before I roll them out, would help greatly.

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I agree, they really need this. Feels like I go in circles sometimes. I fix one thing, and hours later when it’s done recomputing it has gone ahead and messed up something else I had fix earlier.